DiN36 - Pearl by Ian Boddy
Release date November 9th 2010

A 30 year retrospective of the music of Ian Boddy

They say a journey begins with a single step. Ian Boddy's journey began in 1979 when he walked into the studio at Newcastle's Spectro Arts Workshop. Intrigued by the sounds emanating from the banks of VCS3 synthesisers and Revox tape recorders, he started a 30 year odyssey of musical experimentation and adventure. Never following the mainstream or courting a band-centric musical path he has nevertheless forged a truly unique musical career.

From the release of his first ever full album on the UK cassette label Mirage in 1980, he has gone on to issue 23 solo & 24 collaborative albums, performed over 100 concerts in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany & USA, composed 11 library music albums for DeWolfe Music and programmed several sample CD's & virtual instruments.

In 1999 he founded the DiN electronica label which has since become synonymous with adventurous and eclectic music. There have been 35 titles to date, including albums by Chris Carter, Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, Mark Shreeve, Markus Reuter & Erik Wøllo.

Boddy's influence also extends into sound design where numerous musicians and film makers have used his sounds in their own music and soundtracks. He has over 300 library music tracks released via DeWolfe Music which are used worldwide on a huge variety of TV shows, documentaries and films.

These statistics are impressive enough however what impresses the most is Boddy's sheer determination and presence of mind to follow his own musical path and create music and sounds that offer a very personal reflection of his own personality.

Pearl is the 36th release on DiN and offers a retrospective of Boddy's 30 year journey.

Released in a limited edition of 1,000 (with the first 300 being signed & numbered by the artist) , beautifully designed digipak format the music is split across two discs. "Outer DiN" attempts to bring together all his work outside of DiN. It includes his solo work stretching all the way back to the early cassette releases, three DeWolfe library music tracks and an excerpt of his sound design work.

"Inner DiN" showcases both his solo and collaborative work on the DiN ambient label. Boddy has mixed both CDs into a continuous mix of music that provides a fascinating and unique way to experience the music of a truly original musician.

Ian Boddy Pearl Competition

The first 300 copies of Pearl will be numbered and signed personally by Ian Boddy. Enter a simple competition to win the 1/300 copy of this disc + his other 4 current DiN releases. Simply try to guess the name of one of the tracks that will be included on Pearl and from which album it originally comes from. Only 1 track name per entry/person please. Send your entry to pearl@selse.demon.co.uk

Closing date for the competition is October 24th 2010. The correct entries will be entered into a random draw and winners will be announced on November 1st 2010.

1st prize: 1/300 signed & numbered copy of Pearl + copies of Slide, Elemental, Chiasmata & Aurora.
2nd,3rd prize: your choice of one copy of Ian Boddy's current DiN albums (Slide, Elemental, Chiasmata or Aurora).

Hampshire Jam 9

Ian Boddy will be performing alongside Mark & Julian Shreeve as part of Redshift at the Hampshire Jam 9 electronic music festival staged by MusicZeit. This will take place on Saturday 13th November 2010 at the Millenium Hall, Liphook, UK.

Full details and ticket sales @ www.musiczeit.com/directory.php?artist=1050&title=Hampshire+Jam+9

DiN35 - Church by ARC
Available NOW from the DiN web store

ARC are Ian Boddy (also DiN label boss) and Mark Shreeve, two veterans of the UK electronic music scene. Their music is deeply routed in the traditions of the German synthesizer music of the 1970's and as such they employ a vast range of vintage analogue equipment not the least of which is Shreeve's massive Moog IIIC modular system. Although this is the duos sixth CD release their concert appearances are rare occurrences with only three prior performances. So when the duo were asked to play at the Gatherings concert series in Philadelphia organised by the Stars End radio show host Chuck van Zyl the logistics of staging such a show were considerable. Boddy had performed in Philadelphia four times previously ( three times at the Gatherings and once with Robert Rich - React DiN29 ) and so knew there was an enthusiastic audience for this style of electronic music. However this was Shreeve's first Stateside concert and with the impracticality of transporting so much vintage gear the duo were helped out by three local musicians who kindly lent the duo several synthesizers as well as analogue modular & sequencing systems.

The concert itself was staged at St.Mary's Church in Philadelphia on 14th November 2009 which was a suitably atmospheric venue for the electronic music of ARC. The five long tracks span the range of structured melodic sections, classically inspired space chords to improvised sequencer work-outs and prove once again that Shreeve & Boddy are masters of this form of electronic music. Four of the tracks are completely new material with the fifth, Falling Through to Rapture having at it's core the sequencer section from the track Rapture which was the final track of the duo's last studio album Fracture preceded and followed by two glorious sections of vast, spacey mellotron chords. The multi-track recordings from the concert have been mixed and mastered by Shreeve to provide the listener with a thrilling ring side seat at was an inspired performance by this duo.

Track Titles:
01: Church (21:34) -
Play Edit ( 04:24 )
02: Bliss Plane (14:01) - Play Edit ( 02:28 )
03: Torch (10:57) - Play Edit ( 02:46 )
04: Veil (10:19) - Play Edit ( 02:11 )
05: Falling Through to Rapture (17:38) - Play Edit ( 02:50 )

Total Time: 74:32

DiNDDL07 - Rise by ARC
Available NOW from the DiN web store

In November 2009 Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve journeyed to the USA to play at The Gatherings Concert Series, St.Mary’s Church, Philadelphia. This was Boddy’s fifth appearence in Philadelphia but was the first time he had travelled with long time musical collaborator Mark Shreeve who was playing in the States for the first time. The Gatherings are organised by Chuck van Zyl who is also the host for the Star’s End radio show broadcast every Sunday morning from 1am - 6am on WXPN. Following their very well received performance on the Saturday evening at The Gatherings the duo moved across town to the modern, spacious WXPN studio to perform live on Star’s End. In front of a small group of helpers and friends ARC played from 2am till 3am with a totally improvised set of music. Boddy orchestrated and developed the architecture of the music from his laptop running Ableton Live whilst Shreeve played some gorgeous mellotron lines and produced a virtuoso display of live sequencing from the large analogue modular system kindly lent to ARC by local muscians.

The set was mixed back in the UK by Ian Boddy and nothing has been added or taken away. The audio has simply been cleaned up and balanced. The set is split into 3 sections with the aptly named first track Creep growing slowly and eerily into a dark, brooding slab of atmosphere. This gives way to the middle track Rise which features Shreeve’s sequencing throughout. Boddy adds some strange lurching drums and analogue white noise percussion and as the piece grows in intensity the pair take turns soloing on a Moog Voyager. Finally the last track Fade morphs from the dark atmospheres of the opening piece toward a blissful, relaxing close.

Rise is a unique document of this one-off live improvisation and shows how Shreeve & Boddy are masters of this style of electronic music. A short video clip of their performance has been posted to YouTube.


Rise is the seventh DiN download only release on the DiNDDL sub-label. It is available in lossless FLAC and high quality MP3 with full quality printable artwork from the MusicZeit download store co-run by DiN @


Track Titles:
01: Creep (16:52)
02: Rise (20:52)
03: Fade (19:50)

Total Time: 57:35

DiNDDL06 - Unwound by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
Available NOW from the DiN web store

In September 2009 Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter released their third DiN collaboration Dervish (DiN33) which proved to be their most adventurous and experimental release to date. Pushing the envelope sonically from what many might have expected from these two talented but very different musicians they employed a wide range of guest musicians to create an incredible mix of tone colours. Pat Mastelotto the current drummer with King Crimson featured on four of the tracks whilst a combination of string quartet and recorders added to the unusual instrumentation on display on Dervish.

The inspiration for this album was the musical theories of 20th Century composer Olivier Messiaen. His 7 Modes of Limited Transposition were employed in each of the tracks on Dervish giving each an unusual tone colour and feel due to their exotic harmonic structures.


Dervish had some excellent press responses including the last track Spiral Manoeuvre being played on the well respected BBC Radio 3 show The Late Junction. There are a lot of ideas on Dervish and Boddy felt that a remix of the album was possible to highlight the mysterious and often piquant quality of Messiaen’s scales. However this was to be no ordinary remix project in that Boddy has completely stripped down and rebuilt the tracks from scratch. Gone are all the drums, percussion and solo instruments and instead he concentrated on the beautiful string quartet and woodwind recordings made for the album. Only small sections of these were used on Dervish but these together with Reuter’s harmonic touch guitar loops were used as the basis for what is essentially a legato album of music. Nothing new was added rather the existing material was rebuilt into a more spacey, ambient form with gorgeous reverbs and delays. Thus we have Unwound, certainly an experimental album but one which given the chance will reward the listener with a journey into a harmonic world of mystery and wonder.

Unwound is the sixth DiN download only release on the DiNDDL sub-label. It is available in lossless FLAC and high quality MP3 with full quality printable artwork from the MusicZeit download store co-run by DiN @


Track Titles:
01: Mode 1 (7:58)
02: Mode 2 (6:19)
03: Mode 3 (6:18)
04: Mode 4 (8:33)
05: Mode 5 (7:06)
06: Mode 6 (6:54)
07: Mode 7 (11:59)

Total Time: 55:21