Drumalogue is the third title in Ian Boddy's Waveforms series of sample libraries.
This is a library of 1,000 analogue drum, percussion and one-shot hits. However
these are not taken from vintage drum machines (of which there is already plenty
of content available elsewhere) but rather all the sounds are hand crafted by
Boddy on vintage analogue synths and modular systems. They run the full gamut
from thunderous bass drums, crisp snares & hats through to abstract synth hits & FX
and even weird glitchy & industrial sounds. The sounds are a mixture of mono and
stereo samples and some have genuine analogue effects printed on them from spring
reverbs, bucket brigade delays and phaser/flangers. This all adds up to a cornucopia of
drum and percussion sounds that can be used in virtually any style of production.
The sounds are also mapped out in Kontakt 2 programs with a basic envelope and
low-pass filter provided. The modulation wheel is set to turn the cut-off of the filter
down as it is raised. These programs are presented in three different ways. The
Audition programs present all the sounds per category with one sound per key
starting at C1. The 18 Kit patches follow as closely as possible the General MIDI
Percussion Key Map from B0 (Key35) to B2 (Key59) and provide a convenient way
of playing some of the sounds as "drum kits". Finally there is a range of sounds
key-mapped out in Patches. No other programming is included as the sounds
themselves are "finished" and it is intended to give the customer the flexibility of
adding their own effects and modulations if desired.

Download sample MP3 > Bernhard Wöstheinrich > Dean DeBenedictis > Pat Mastelotto > Nigel Mullaney > IB1 > IB2
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Technical data

1000 samples at 44.1Khz, 24 bit in WAV format .
Mixture of stereo & mono samples.

Raw audio recorded from the following analogue synthesisers:
• Roland System 100-M
• Analogue Systems
• Doepfer A-100
• Analogue Solutions
• Livewire AFG
• VCS3
• Minimoog
• Metasonix TM-2 tube BP filter

Recorded directly into Apple Mac using RME Fireface 400 audio interface.
Samples edited in Bias Peak Pro 5.
Native Instruments Kontakt 2 support provided.

Recorded & produced by Ian Boddy December 2008 - March 2009.

Demo loops by Ian Boddy, Dean De Benedictis, Nigel Mullaney, Pat Mastelotto and
Bernhard Wöstheinrich.

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