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Ian Boddy - Sound Design

Ian Boddy has always been renowned for the unusual and original sound design he exhibits in his own musical compositions. Since 1992 he has co-operated with
Zero-G, the UK's leading sample specialist, to produce a series of highly acclaimed products. These are listed below with links to the relevant pages on the Zero-G web site where you can find further info as well as sample demos and music demos written by Ian Boddy. Also listed are some of his sound design projects for other renowned companies such as LinPlug, Sample Magic & Camel Audio. Finally in late 2008 Boddy set up his own downloadable sound library company Ian Boddy Waveforms which has two products released so far.

Drumalogue is the third title in Ian Boddy's Waveforms series of sample libraries. There are 1,000 analogue drum, percussion and one-shot hits. However these are not taken from vintage drum machines but rather all the sounds are hand crafted by Boddy on vintage analogue synths and modular systems.

Airwaves is the second title in Ian Boddy's Waveforms series of sample libraries. All the sounds were recorded using a high quality and powerful radio transciever. This provided the raw data of strange garbled voices, buzzing interference patterns
and hidden morse code signals that Boddy transformed into Airwaves.

Radiophonica is the first title in Ian Boddy's Waveforms series of sample libraries. The intention was to provide a library of sounds that are synonymous with the name of the Radiophonic Workshop from their early work on such seminal programs as Doctor Who. As such the sounds are intended to have that analogue, organic, retro sci-fi character that many find so appealing about those early synthesiser soundtracks.


The ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer with additive, spectral and granular resynthesis, plus virtual analog synthesis and sampler engine.
Boddy provided both sample content as well as patch programming for this new virtual synth from camel Audio.

"Interrupted despatches from an unknown destination"
What do you get when you cross Ian Boddy, veteran sound designer and analogue synth pioneer, with a Sample Magic brief to "push the boat out as far as you can"?
Transmission-X - a journey to the outer reaches of sonic possibility, using the finest vintage analogue synths, the warmest signal processors, the dirtiest distortions and the largest arsenal of audio toys yet assembled.


Best known for his love of all things analogue and his weird and wonderful atmospheres he has taken this sense of exploration and discovery into the realms of beats & loops. But these aren't "normal" rhythms rather they are beats that have been twisted and mangled using a huge arsenal of cutting edge digital techniques. They provide a unique source of inspiration for composers in virtually any genre who are looking for that loop with a special piquant flavour to spice up their rhythm track or perhaps to kick start ideas for a new composition.


Highly acclaimed electronic musician and samplist Ian Boddy brings you a fantastic array of atmospherics and soundscapes at a bargain price. These sounds can be used in virtually any music style where a little dash of sonic spice is needed.
Ambiosis is particularly useful for ambient, dance, film soundtrack and trance composers where the sounds can often provide the creative impetus for a new track or to add the finishing touches to an exisiting composition.
Ambiosis serves as a fine electronic music resource for producers who need to apply texture, mood, and ambience across a wide variety of genres.


Outer Limits
OUTER LIMITS is Ian Boddy's follow-up to his critically acclaimed MORPHOLOGY Kompakt instrument but this time he has delved deeper and darker than ever before. Every patch in this fantastic collection will stimulate your creativity. The range of sounds this instrument is capable of is truly amazing, from shimmering pads, to mysterious drones, crystalline digital manipulations to dark distorted atmospheres, menacing mechanisms, evocative resonances, surreal sound effects, complex cascades, formant sheens, dark disturbing horror, analogue waves, amazing space textures, strange vocal synthesis and of course, sounds from the Outer Limits of space and time.

Albino Virtual Synth Soundset
Ian Boddy Electronica Signature Set.
Take Albino into a deep, electronic and rhythmic soundscape.  The Ian Boddy Electronica Signature  soundset is a must for the Albino enthusiast. 300 professional patches from the mind of one of the UK's most celebrated synthesists, Ian Boddy, well organized into ten categories.


A.S.L. - Analogue Sequencer Loops
Unpolluted, undiluted and undisputed, ASL, (ANALOGUE SEQUENCER LOOPS) is 100% pure analogue, using only classic analogue synths and hardware analogue sequencers - and superbly captured at 24bit sampling resolution.

This superb library is designed to complement the highly acclaimed 'Morphology' instrument. ASL is a uniquely inspiring new library from IAN BODDY, one of Europe's leading synthesists, featuring 1,000 loops and over 1.5 Gb of brand new material sourced entirely from analogue modular systems & vintage analogue synths and performed solely on hardware analogue sequencers.

MORPHOLOGY is a powerfully atmospheric virtual instrument featuring over 3 Gb of evolving soundscapes, dream synth patches and samples for film composers and sound designers, created from scratch by IAN BODDY, one of the UK's most celebrated synthesists, and a veteran of the European electronic music scene since the late 1970s. Boddy has over 20 solo albums to his credit, runs the ambient label DiN, has composed 6 library music CDs for DeWolfe Music and has previously created numerous popular sample libraries for Zero-G including Ambient 1 & 2, Malice In Wonderland and Dream Zone. His exclusive sound archives and arsenal of vintage and modern synths have been extensively plundered to create the unique and inspiring new library that you will find within this powerful virtual instrument.

Malice in Wonderland
Produced by leading UK synthesist Ian Boddy, 'Malice' features: Rhythm Loops, FX Loops, Synth Percussion Loops & Arpeggios, One-shot Percussion FX, Synth FX, Ambiences & Ethereal Textures, Bell FX, Drones and Weird Voices.

The loops are unique, weird, interesting and many provide great backdrops to put main drum sounds around. Many have the much sought after Zero-G 'Altered States' organic quality. Textures range from menacing low drones and Spacey FX to stunningly beautiful ambiences and arpeggios, BPMs and keys provided.


This remarkable collection of ethereal sounds, atmospheres and effects was produced by one of the UK's leading synthesists, Ian Boddy. It is similar in concept to "Electric Dreamz" but less aggressive. It features pads, drones, synth & ethnic bells, sweeps, artificial environments, machine sounds, lots of atmospheric samples, analogue waves, loops and alien moods.

These sounds will add a touch of the mysterious to any music production, and are also perfect for sci-fi music or dreamy/eerie backdrops and effects for your multimedia music, presentation or games.

Ambient for Reason
This huge REFILL features the combined contents of both of the original AMBIENT sample libraries (AMBIENT Volume 1 and AMBIENT Volume 2) - Over 470 Mb of stunning sounds produced by highly acclaimed British electronic musician Ian Boddy. There's a fantastic array of dreamy NN19 atmospheric and FX patches for use in ambient dance, trance, film soundtracks or futuristic/ spacey/ trance music of all kinds.

Ambient Volume 2
An impressive inventory of analogue and digital synths, well organised, in stereo. Includes Roland System 100m, SVC3 vocoder, JD990, Korg Wavestation, EMS VCS3, Memorymoog, PPG Wave, Oberheim Matrix 6 and 12. Digital drones, pads and effects (all very lush stereo affairs) conjuring up deep space hyperdrives through sinister alien landscapes, etc. A beautifully realised sound palette.

Ambient Volume 1
Produced by highly acclaimed British electronic musician Ian Boddy, Ambient Volume 1 contains a fantastic array of dreamy atmospherics and FX for use in ambient dance, trance, film soundtracks or futuristic/ spacey/ trance music of all kinds. Combining the hypnotic charms of Jarre, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and so on with current dance trends, "Ambient" is designed to mellow you out with relaxing washes, laid back rhythms and strange sound effects.