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Ian Boddy - Library Music

Library music CD's are albums of musical compositions that are used as a resource by audio-media companies to fulfill a particular musical role. As such they can be used (after the payment of a suitable licence) in documentaries, films, commercials, jingles etc. Specialist library music publishers usually handle all the manufacturing, marketing, licencing etc., of these products. Since 1997 Ian Boddy has worked with DeWolfe Music, the UK's largest independent library music company, to produce a series of highly acclaimed library music CD's. These releases play to Boddy's strengths of producing atmospheric, impressionistic soundscapes.

The albums are listed below with links to the DeWolfe web site where you can find out more info and play lo-fi versions of all the tracks. Please note these types of album are not usually available for purchase by the general public. However because of Boddy's reputation through his own releases it is possible to buy these albums directly through the CD store on this web site.

Dark Drones
DWCD 0480

Tense and edgy ambient sound design and atmospheres.

Light Drones
DWCD 0479

Ambient sound design and atmospheres with a gentle feel.

The Elements
DWCD 0451

Air, Earth, Fire & Water.

Future Tech
DWCD 0429

Creative electronic music for science and technology.

Commercial Breaks Thirty :
New Age, Atmospheric & Ambient


Moods and atmospheres in commercial lengths.
9 tracks out of 33 by Ian Boddy.

Ambient Atmospheres
DWCD 0399

Elegant, tranquil and evocative moods and soundscapes .

The Unexplained
DWCD 0364

Tense moods, drama and suspense atmospheres .

DWCD 0343

A collection of ambient atmospheres.
3 tracks out of 18 by Ian Boddy.

Living Planet
DWCD 0335

A musical portrait of the natural world.

DWCD 0313

Electronic music for new technologies.
10 tracks out of 19 by Ian Boddy.

DWCD 0311

A spine-tingling collection of dark and light drones and atmospheres.

DWCD 0281

A collection of descriptive soundscapes of underwater life.

Space, the Unknown & UFO's
DWCD 0234

Moods and atmospheres that are out of this world.

Developing Technologies
DWCD 0202

An exploration into the world of technology, science and industry.