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Ian Boddy - CD Releases

Listed below are the majority of Boddy's music releases. For his library music albums navigate via the link on the left. There are links for all his DiN releases on the DiN web site. All the currently available albums are for sale on the CD Store.

DiN Titles

Slide by Ian Boddy
DiN 31 - 2008

Slide is the studio album follow-up to Elemental (DiN25) and is the sixteenth full solo CD release by DiN label boss Ian Boddy. Musically it is split between three beautifully expressive legato pieces and six up-tempo tracks which employ Boddy's trademark inventive rhythms with soaring, expressive synth voices.

React by Robert Rich & Ian Boddy
DiN 29 - 2008

React is the third collaboration between American ambient pioneer Robert Rich and DiN label boss Ian Boddy. However, unlike their previous two studio outings on the DiN label, Outpost (2001) and Lithosphere (2005), this is a record of their first ever live performance at the Star’s End Radio Show 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert in Philadelphia in June 2007.

Fracture by ARC
DiN 28 - 2007

Fracture is ARC's fifth album release and features their fabled retro style sequencing, courtesy of Shreeve's giant Moog modular system, coupled with a heady mix of quirky melodic lines and spacy atmospheres.

Elemental by Ian Boddy
DiN 25 - 2006

Elemental shows a broad range of influences garnered from his DiN collaborations which have had a positive effect on Boddy's music and he has absorbed and distilled many of these to startling effect on "Elemental". Indeed this album shows off his chameleon like ability to constantly change and develop over what has now been a long musical career spanning over 25 years.

Lithosphere by Robert Rich & Ian Boddy
DiN 21 - 2005

Boddy & Rich combine forces for a second time to produce Lithosphere. Sonically it has a more earthy, organic quality to it's predecessor Outpost. Rich's signature lap steel guitar voicings are once again featured over-laying Boddy's delicate keyboard textures & sampled glass & stone percussion.

Arcturus by ARC
DiN 19 - 2005

Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve in only their second concert outing performing at the Hampshire Jam III festival. A virtuoso set sees the duo combining classic Moog sequencing with ambient atmospherics and laptop loops to create an ever evolving mix of organic, live electronics.

Moiré by Boddy / Wöstheinrich
DiN 18 - 2005

An album that shows the true collaborative nature within DiN with Wöstheinrich combining musically with Boddy whilst his fellow partner in Centrozoon ( Blast - DiN 6 ), Markus Reuter helped to edit the duos original improvisations into a meaningful musical form.

Pure by Reuter / Boddy
DiN 17 - 2004

Pure is the 2nd studio collaboration between Boddy and Reuter. This time a different approach was taken with Reuter providing much of the sonic material in the form of looped and chopped up fragments of his beautiful touch guitar tones. The duo then shaped, arranged and mixed the album in the DiN studio to produce a truly breath-taking release.

Chiasmata by Ian Boddy
DiN 16 - 2004

The 10 tracks from this album are taken from a concert Boddy performed in the Planetarium of the National Space Centre, Leciester in 2003. The music is a mature fusion of spacy, ambient sections with chilled out sequenced/drum grooves. As such it show cases many of the influences that Boddy has absorbed since the formation of DiN.

Blaze by ARC
DiN 15 - 2003

The third ARC release sees Boddy & Shreeve joined by acoustic drummer Carl Brooker on half of the 8 tracks to give an added dimension to their heavily sequenced sound. Together with Shreeve's Redshift project ARC is providing a stable diet of analogue goodness to those fans craving the old style sequenced music of Tangerine Dream.

Aurora by Ian Boddy
DiN 12 - 2002

Boddy was so busy with DiN that it had been 3 years since Box of Secrets. Aurora however is a very different beast with a more textural approach and a real deep space feel to much of the music. By this release he was showing the full mastery of his sound design skills in combining analogue sequencing with cutting edge software synthesis.

Outpost by Robert Rich & Ian Boddy
DiN 11 - 2002

Robert Rich, one of the true ambient pioneers combines with Boddy on Outpost to produce an album with a mysterious blend of fluid electronic rhythms and impressionistic 50's sci-fi soundscapes. A truly original sounding album it remains the best seller on DiN to date.

Triptych by Ian Boddy, Markus Reuter & Nigel Mullaney
DiN 9 - 2001

Boddy, Reuter & Mullaney offer a seamless blend of improvisation & composition from their appearance at the E-Live 2000 festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. An amazing performance combining Boddy's ambient keybaords & analogue sequencing with Reuter's touch guitar & Mullaney's live beat manipulations.

Radio Sputnik by ARC
DiN 7 - 2000

This is a recording of the duos first concert performance from the 5th alfa-Centauri festival in Huizen, The Netherlands. A combination of live versions of 4 of the tracks off Octane with 4 new pieces.
Out of print - available for download form www.EMusic.com

Caged by Ian Boddy & Chris Carter
DiN 5 - 2000

Another unusual collaboration this time with ex-Throbbing Gristle man Chris Carter. A dark, unsettling album of strange grooves, distant mutated voices and ambient rumblings this 5th DiN release showed how Boddy was using DiN as a vehicle to forge partnerships with musicians right across the electronica landscape.

Autonomic by Dub Atomica
DiN 4 - 1999

This release under the name of Dub Atomica is probably the most overtly dance floor based release on DiN. However the drum loops of turntablist Nigel Mullaney have been mutated and filtered by Boddy to produce a series of minimalist, chilled out grooves over which plays ethereal vibes & tones.

Distant Rituals by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
DiN 2 - 1999

Boddy's first collaboration with German touch guitarist Markus Reuter. A fascinating album that combines Reuter's artistry with his loops & guitar tones with Boddy's growing mastery of the language of modern electronica styles. The duo have since collaborated on several more DiN projects.

Box of Secrets by Ian Boddy
DiN 1 - 1999

Boddy launched his DiN label with a trio of releases. Box of Secrets came as quite a surprise to many of his fans with an unusual mix of traditional synth motifs in combination with more modern drum loops and ambient textures. A bold and adventurous way to start the label !
DiNDDL Download Titles

Rise by ARC
DiNDDL07 - 2010

Rise is the improvised performance played by ARC ( Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve ) live on air at the WXPN studio for the Star's End radio show hosted by Chuck van Zyl. Boddy orchestrated and developed the architecture of the music from his laptop running Ableton Live whilst Shreeve played some gorgeous mellotron lines and produced a virtuoso display of live sequencing from a large analogue modular system.

Unwound by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
DiNDDL06 - 2010

Unwound is essentially a remix album of this duos 2009 DiN album Dervish ( DiN33 ). However Boddy has completely stripped down and rebuilt the tracks from scratch. Gone are all the drums, percussion and solo instruments and instead he concentrated on the beautiful string quartet and woodwind recordings made for the album together with Reuter's harmonic touch guitar loops.

Hemispheres by Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wöstheinrich
DiNDDL05 - 2009

On the 27th September 2008 Ian Boddy & Bernhard Wöstheinrich performed together for the first time at a concert in the Bochum Planetarium, Bochum, Germany. The two musicians played what sounds like a sonic journey through deep space modulations and legato chordal flows via classic Berlin sequencer workouts and IDM melodic tracks finally landing at restful spaced out atmospheres. A perfect recipe for this form of live planetarium show.

Syntax by Dub Atomica
DiNDDL04 - 2008

Dub Atomica are a collaboration between Ian Boddy, DiN label boss, and beats-master Nigel Mullaney. Their workouts are expansive, both in length & breadth. Dubwise vibes provide the cohesive thread through which you pass icy moodiness, minimalist futurist ethnicity, lilting hip hop, and mutating, phased ambience. Syntax is a document of their one and only concert as Dub Atomica at The Buddle Arts Centre in the North-East of England on December 1st 2001.

The Mechanics of a Thought by Ian Boddy
DiNDDL03 - 2007

Star's End Radio Show performance 1st October 2006. The Mechanics of a Thought is a more upbeat performance than the previous two Star's End shows. After an initially dark, spacey intro Out There storms into a thrilling Moog sequencer trip. In Here has a lower key rhythmic section overlaid with some looped Fender Rhodes playing and sounds like a lost track from Elemental. The final, long title track is a slow meandering atmosphere using state of the art digital synth manipulations in an organic, highly textured soundscape.

Three Dreams by Ian Boddy
DiNDDL02 - 2007

Star's End Radio Show performance 21st March 2004. Three Dreams starts with the track Trapped in Black that alternates very dark, spooky atmospheres with heavenly choirs. Summer Lawn Daze features the sounds of summer in your typical British garden but transmuted into a strange surreal world half-way between sleep & conciousness. The last track The Final Breath is a tapestry of deep space atmospheres that forms the initial gestation of what was later to be crafted into the epic piece Rapture that concludes the latest ARC album, Fracture.

The Final Question by Ian Boddy
DiNDDL01 - 2007

Star's End Radio Show performance 7th May 2000. The Final Question starts with a computer voice reading text from an amazing section of The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon published in 1627. Following this are some really ethereal spacey atmospheres interspersed with the gentler, calmer Earthbound. The set is finished off with an awesome string/choral orchestration based around The Unanswered Question by Charles Ives.
 Space for Music Titles

Jodrell Bank Concert by Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
sfmIB1053 - 2002

By the time of this concert DiN was in full flow and Boddy collaborated with German touch guitarist, and DiN artist Markus Reuter. An unusual mix of space music and ambient styles ensued and the music was released as a companion disc to Shrouded on the Space for Music label.

Shrouded by Ian Boddy
sfmIB1032 - 2000

Boddy's first Stateside concert was organised by Chuck van Zyl who runs The Gathering series of concerts in Philadelphia. Shrouded is taken from this performance and is one of Boddy's most laid back releases. Originally released as a MP3.com DAM CD it is now out on the Space for Music label.
 Something Else Records Titles

Octane by ARC
SER014 - 1998

ARC are Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve. They had known each other since 1982 but it wasn't until Shreeve had gone back to his roots with the use of a giant Moog modular system and Boddy had been formualting a more ambient, improvised style since Continuum that the two decided to collaborate. The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

Rare Elements by Ian Boddy
SER013 ( 2CD ) - 1997

This is a retrospective double album of rare compilation CD tracks, unreleased studio material and selected recordings from 3 concerts. In many ways it is a summation of Boddy's music from the previous decade before he moved on to the formation of his DiN label.

Phase 3 by Ian Boddy, Ron Boots & Harold v.d Heijden
SER012 - 1997

Taken from a concert performed in Eindhoven shortly after the New Year. Boddy provided most of the sequencing with Boots playing his characteristic melodic synth lines and v.d.Heijden playing an electronic drum kit. An extra track is provided from the trios rehearsal sessions.
Out of print.

Continuum by Ian Boddy
SER011 ( 2 CD ) - 1996

This 2CD set is edited from a 7 hour improvised performance Boddy gave in an art gallery during a Comic Art Festival within a sci-fi like setting. Many see this album as the bridge between Boddy's earlier, more melodic styles and the ambient textural approach he developed leading up to the formation of his DiN label in 1999.
The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

Symbiont by Ian Boddy & Andy Pickford
SER008 - 1995

Boddy's first collaborative release with fellow UK synth musician Andy Pickford. A real powerhouse of an album it was premiered by the duo at the third EMMA festival, Sheffield in 1995. The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

The Deep by Ian Boddy
SER006 - 1994

The Deep is probably the closest Boddy has come to a concept album as it was heavily inspired by the James Cameron film The Abyss. Alongside Boddy's now trademark melodies & rhythms are sections of orchestral splendour lending an air of grandeur to the album.
The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

The Uncertainty Principle by Ian Boddy
SER004 - 1993

The first album that Boddy produced and mixed entirely in his own studio has been his biggest seller to date. The combinat- tion of sequencing, melodies and spacy atmospheres produced what is one of the classic UK EM albums of the mid-90's and raised Boddy's profile enormously.
The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

Jade by Ian Boddy
SER003 - 1987 / 1992

Originally a cassette only release in 1987 it was reissued on CD in 1992. Taking a sideways step from Phoenix Boddy made extensive use of sampling to produce an album with a tapestry of ethnic & eastern textures.

Phoenix by Ian Boddy
SER009 - 1986 / 1996

Phoenix was Boddy's third vinyl album and the first to be released on his private Something Else Records. Guest musicians included a drummer, singer & saxophonist and is probably Boddy's most rock orientated album.
It was premiered at the 1985 UK Electronica festival and Boddy was joined on stage by David Berkeley.

Spirits by Ian Boddy
SER007 - 1984 / 1995

Second vinyl release also reissued on SER in 1995. The title track was premiered at the first UK Electronica, Milton Keynes in 1983. Featuring the rock drumming of Ian McCormack and vocals of Brian Ross.
The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

The Climb by Ian Boddy
SER005 - 1984 / 1995

Boddy's classic debut vinyl release from 1984 was reissued on SER in 1995. This release saw a quantum leap in style & composition from his early 3 cassette only releases on the Mirage label.
The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.
 Surreal to Real Titles

Drive by Ian Boddy
Real 095 - 1991

The second release on Surrel to Real featured Julian Maynard-Smith on electronic wind synth. Drive's 9 tracks have a more structured, compact form than Odyssey but still retain Boddy's melodic style from this period.
The original pressing is now out of print but it has been reissued as a high quality CDr with the original sleeve.

Odyssey by Ian Boddy
Real 098 - 1989

Boddy's first CD release features a more symphonic, orchestrated sound than his previous vinyl & cassette albums. Two of the tracks are co-composed with David Berkeley whom was Boddy's on-stage partner from 1985 - 1995.
Out of print.
 AD Music Titles

Shifting Sands by Ian Boddy & David Wright
AD72CD - 2009

Collaborative album between DiN and AD Music label bosses Ian Boddy and David Wright. A melodic, chilled out album highlights both the melodic harmonies of Wright and the ambient soundscapes of Boddy ending with the synth powerhouse Comets.