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The DiN label
DiN - Ian Boddy's own ambient electronica label.

Distributors UK

Shellshock Distribution - 23A Collingwood Road, London. N15 4LD.
UK shop distribution and export.

Voiceprint - Sunrise House, Sunrise Lane, Houghton le Spring,
Tyne & Wear. DH4 5AL. Export sales & distribution.

C & D Services - 40 / 42 Brantwood Avenue, Dundee. DD3 6EW.
Mail order.

Synth Music Direct - P.O. Box 1557, Doncaster. DN10 4NX.
Mail order.

Ultima Thule - 1 Conduit Street, Leicester. LE2 0JN.
Mail order, shop and Audio magazine.

Distributors USA

Soleil Moon - PO Box 83296, Portland OR 97283.
USA shop distribution and mail order.

Eurock - PO Box 13718, Portland, Oregon 97213.
Mail order.

Hypnos - PO Box 6868 , Portland, Oregon 97228 .
Mail order from this excellent Stateside ambient / space music label.

Space for Music.com - distributors of the Shrouded & Jodrell Bank Concert CDs.

Distributors Germany

Cue Records & EMC - Kaller Strasse 9, D-53937 Schleiden-Broich.
Selected high street stores and mail order. International wholesale via EMC.

Distributors The Netherlands

Groove Unlimited - Ereprijsstraat 15, 6026 AR, Maarheeze.
Selected high street stores and mail order.

Distributors The Czech Republic

Horus CyclicDaemon - Martin Mrskos, Udolni 46, 602 00 Brno.
Bookshop, e-shop, distribution, mail order.

Distributors Spain

Diskpol - (Músicas de Vanguardia) - Jesús del Valle, 8, 28004 - Madrid
Shop & mail order.

Distributors S.E. Asia / Australasia

Saiko Sounds - 14th Floor, Kai Kwong Building, 332 - 334 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Shop & mail order / distribution.

Artist's websites

www.redshift.biz ( Mark Shreeve's Redshift project )
Tetsu Inoue

Web Resources

DiN @ MySpace
Ian Boddy @ Facebook
DiN / Ian Boddy @ Twitter
Ian Boddy on Sound Cloud

Digital Distribution


Ian Boddy Waveforms
Downloadable sample packs designed by Ian Boddy.

DiN titles now available from MusicZeit download store

All the DiN titles are now available for download from the new DiN download store @ http://www.downloadplatform.com/din/

The music is available in DRM free high quality MP3 (256kbps) or lossless FLAC files together with hi-quality printable artwork. The majority of Ian Boddy's non-DiN releases, other DiN artists and many more musicians and labels can be found at this excellent new site. Please go to http://www.musiczeit.com.