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DiN 5
Caged by Ian Boddy & Chris Carter

Limited to 1,000 copies

In their first collaboration, Ian Boddy and Chris Carter have created a stunning panorama filled with the vast empty echoes of lost, imagined cities. But don't think for a moment that this is merely a collection of anonymous, ephemeral drifts and drones. Together they have produced a music of startling muscularity which fuses their concerns with form, timbre and space, forging a sound which appeals to the heart as much as the head.

Stripped back to the sparse essence of accessible dance-savvy electronica, the pair have imbued the seven tracks on Caged with a dense undercurrent of proto-dub which will thump you in the chest and rattle your window panes.

The sense of forward momentum quite literally carries the listener in a fast-moving aural travelogue where breakbeats slip and slide across time and space, tendrils of melody are twisted, subverted and converted into a kind of digital morse where the flotsam and jetsam of ghost-notes are swept in on a intense sonic tidal wave.
Caged plays around with chance and paradox - where a whisper becomes a crescendo, a beat becomes a tone, where everything is transmuted and nothing stands still.

They say expectation is a prison.
Abandon your expectations - being Caged is being free.

Track listing:

1) Concussed (7.55)
2) Corilois (10.03)
3) Slab (5.12)
4) Sub - Aura (10.05)
5) Disembodied (6.22)
6) Caged (7.30)
7) Under - Dub (10.28)

Ian Boddy - Modular Synths and Sample Manipulation
Chris Carter - Analogue and Digital Instruments, Devices and Software

Vocal samples courtesy of Cosey Fanni - Tutti

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Boddy and Carter paint pictures of beautiful desolation on their new album Caged. In their first collaboration, they've created a stunning panorama filled with the vast empty echoes of lost, imagined cities. Catch a glimpse of what might be there.

Ominous chimes murmur as wavelengths drift and merge. Signals like hammered steel beaten at night, as lonely as morse frequencies slip transmuting temple bell tones to clear light refracted transmissions out of time, the twisting roar of forgotten highways, a place where the soundtracks of long deserted arcades still play windblown fragments glimmering in the twilight flotsam and jetsam of ghost-notes swept in on a intense tidal wave of startling sonics pulsing neon shards of music caught in the sizzling rain swept streets.

Book your trip to that other place now.

Sid Smith - Strategic Support

Review in the May 2000 edition of The Wire

On a cursory hearing you might misjudge this as an overscripted meeting of two Old Skools - dub and industrial - where route logic trumps roots friction. Give it gestation time, though, and the chthonic soundings of these two old souls - Chris normally partners Cosey, Boddy has been doubling himself for 13 years on his own DiN label ( not to be confused with the Berlin imprint ) - repays your attention in shades. The grid may be linear, but the mood is dank and windblown, flinty, waywardly British. Caged has a verifiable personality - 'Under-Dub', as the aptly titled closer puts it - where too much nu-skool dub just sounds like Lego-bit homage. B & C's carefully plotted hyp(g)nosis bubbles with reticences, resonances, lurches and larvae, it unearths moods beyond most modern plagiarists. Catch the way the bassline comes in on the opener 'Concussed' - red sun splitting grey clouds - seamlessly interlacing drift/tone and beaten tracks. Subterranean drip and echo, percussion like midnight syntax tapped out on pipes - an unnerving, claustrophobic soundtrack for that Harry Lime moment when all your shadows catch up with you.