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Release, Something Else Records

sfmIB1053 - Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Jodrell Bank Concert

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Jodrell Bank ConcertsfmIB1053 | CDr 2002 (sold out)  
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Concert performance by Boddy & Reuter from within the world famous Jodrell Bank planetarium.

sfmIB1032 - Ian Boddy - Shrouded

Ian Boddy - ShroudedsfmIB1032 | CDr 2000 (sold out)  
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Shrouded is taken from Boddy's first stateside concert at the Gatherings concert series.

SER014 - ARC - Octane

ARC - OctaneSER014 | CD 1998 (sold out)  
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The last release on Something Else Records was a collaboration with Mark Shreeve under the banner of ARC that has continued to this day through several DiN releases.

SER013 - Ian Boddy - Rare Elements

Ian Boddy - Rare ElementsSER013 | 2CD 1997 (sold out)  
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This is a retrospective double album of rare compilation CD tracks, unreleased studio material and selected recordings from 3 concerts.

SER012 - Ian Boddy & Ron Boots - Phase 3

Ian Boddy & Ron Boots - Phase 3SER012 | CD 1997 (sold out)  
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This second collaborative CD was taken from a concert performance with Ron Boots & Harold van der Heijden in the Netherlands.

SER011 - Ian Boddy - Continuum

Ian Boddy - ContinuumSER011 | 2CD 1996 (sold out)
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This 2Cd set is edited from a 7 hour improvised performance Boddy gave in an art gallery.

SER008 - Ian Boddy & Andy Pickford - Symbiont

Ian Boddy & Andy Pickford - SymbiontSER008 | CD 1995 (sold out)
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This was Boddy's first collaborative release with fellow UK synth musician Andy Pickford.

SER006 - Ian Boddy - The Deep

Ian Boddy - The DeepSER006 | CD 1994 (sold out) 
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The Deep is probably the closest Boddy has come to a concept album as it was heavily inspired by the James cameron film The Abyss.

SER004 - Ian Boddy - The Uncertainty Principle

Ian Boddy - The Uncertainty PrincipleSER004 | CD 1993 (sold out)  
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This was the first album that Boddy produced and mixed entirely in his own studio and remains his biggest selling release.

Real095 - Ian Boddy - Drive

Ian Boddy - DriveReal095 | CD 1991 (sold out)
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Drive was Boddy's second release on the Surreal to Real label and featured 9 fairly short, rhythmic tracks.