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Ian Boddy

Ian BoddyIan Boddy is the founder of the DiN label, musician, library music composer and sound designer with a long and varied musical career.  

Markus Reuter

Markus ReuterMarkus Reuter is a German musician, composer and record producer, specialising in touch guitar playing and loop music.  


ProtogonosProtogonos is the working name adopted by Stefan W. Bojczuk and any musical collaborators, the most enduring partnership having been with Matthew Shaw. 

Dub Atomica

Dub AtomicaDub Atomica is a collaboration between DiN label boss Ian Boddy and composer Nigel Mullaney.  

Chris Carter

Chris CarterChris Carter is one of the four members of the legendary industrial music band Throbbing Gristle as well as the duo Chris and Cosey. 


centrozoonCENTROZOON is based in Germany and founded by Markus Reuter (touch guitar, loops, programming) and Bernhard Wöstheinrich (synthesizers, electronic percussion, programming).  


ARCARC are Ian Boddy (also DiN label boss) and Mark Shreeve, two veterans of the UK electronic music scene.   

Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Bernhard Woestheinrich, a. k. a. The Redundant RockerBernhard Wöstheinrich has many guises: one half (with Markus Reuter) of the duo centrozoon, collaborating with Ian Boddy on DiN, The Redundant Rocker - to name but three.


Surface 10

Surface 10Surface 10, aka Dean De Benedictis, is a Southern California based composer / producer / performer / conceptual artist and electronic music pioneer.   

Nigel Mullaney

Nigel MullaneyNigel Mullaney is a well respected media composer and part of the duo Dub Atomica (alongside Ian Boddy).