DiNDDL16 - Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - EC12

Node 2DiN44 | 2014 
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Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo first worked together on the Frontiers album (DiN39) released in 2012 as a limited edition CD. This musical travelogue through imaginary northern landscapes garnered high praise for it’s shifting moods and panoramic soundscapes.

The duo were invited to play their inaugural concert at the Electronic Circus Festival V held in Guetersloh, Germany in the autumn of 2012. The organisers requested that Boddy & Wøllo performed as much of the Frontiers album as possible and indeed tracks 4 to 12 are taken from that release albeit interpreted for a live concert setting. A further 30 minutes of all new material was also composed and this comprises the opening 3 tracks of the concert.

Despite this being their first ever concert together the two musicians gelled well on stage and gave a passionate and energetic performance. Wøllo weaving his ambient E-bow guitar lines around the infectious sequencer lines of tracks such as Spindrift, Prime Blue, Trek & Steppe. Boddy meanwhile played his Ondes Martenot style electronic keyboard to eerie & haunting effect on tracks such as Apfelbaum, Vista, Reverie & Ascension. The three new pieces combine perfectly with the mood of the Frontiers tracks to produce a superbly played & spell binding concert performance from these two well respected ambient electronic musicians.

EC12 is released as a download album on the DiNDDL sub-label with full res artwork.

A video of the first 3 opening tracks from the EC12 performance is available @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJufyfH0O34

Track listing:

01 Spindrift (12:01)
02 Apfelbaum (7:35)
03 Prime Blue (8:04)
04 Vista (5:42)
05 Trek (7:01)
06 Undergrowth (4:24)
07 Steppe (6:42)
08 Migration (4:12)
09 Reverie (4:35)
10 Searching (6:53)
11 Ascension (5:04)
12 Frontiers (6:42)

Total Time: 79:21

Performed by Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo live at the Electronic Circus Festival V on 22.09.2012 at Die Weberei, Guetersloh, Germany.
Thanks to Hans-Hermann Hess, Frank Gerber & all the Electronic Circus team. Audio recording Lutz Hilker. Video & photography Winfried Wiesrecker.

Mastered by Erik Wøllo February 2014.

Ian Boddy:
Modular synthesiser, keyboards, Ableton Live running Alchemy, Omnisphere & Kontakt.

Erik Wøllo:
Electric guitar, guitar synthesiser, Ableton Live with loops & effects.