Review: DiNDDL09 - Benthos - Memory Geist

Review in Igloo Magazine

Lost worlds, futuristic landscapes, industrial wastelands and unfolding spaces always seem to be the keys unlocking ambient electronic music. These descriptors — helpful or not — are only meant to create a visual perspective, displacing your current thoughts, and transplanting the unconscious self into a new place. Synthesizers driven by analog gear modulate the most incredible frequency echoes and yet they really don’t come to life until facilitated by their passionate operators. Such is the case on Benthos, a collaborative effort between Steve Law (aka Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission & Black Cab) and Bakis Sirros (aka Parallel Worlds & Interconnected). Six tracks of dark, moody and industrial facades appear inside as metallic colors sparkle on the exterior. This elongated EP manages to deliver rhythmic swells of atmospheric debris composed with attention to every detail. Spinning in extraterrestrial sheets of dark light, time doesn’t really exist in the world that Benthos inhibits and if there were any connecting points passing through this cosmos, both Kemek and Biomass‘ recent releases would be displayed on the radar screen. It’s not surprising to learn that Benthos was sculpted in the span of four years; its distinctive consolidation of experimental sound sources are uniquely pushed center-stage and leaven with post-ambient industrialism. Though both musicians are literally thousands of miles apart (Greece / Australia), they elevate their oscillations into a universal electron hybrid, independent of distance. A job well done considering the logistics of this fascinating audio movement.