Review: DiN37 - Exit Strategy - Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds

Review in Igloo Magazine

Two worlds collide on Exit Strategy in the most positive light; a synergy of two musical masterminds including label head Ian Boddy collaborates with Parallel Worlds‘ Bakis Sirros. What they create is a space of fine-grained rhythms, a touch of post-industrial branches and in the foreground, an ambient plateau that keeps your audible attention. And as you continue to absorb each of these 52-minutes, strands of Bola and Higher Intelligence Agency bubble to the surface. The title track also exudes a Plaid inspired flair that can’t go unnoticed. But with all of the above references, as vague and ambiguous they might be, is a darkened stream of consciousness; humming engines percolate around a love of modular synths and organic overflows as a roughened analog pulse emerges. Both musicians, perhaps the most cunning in their respective genres, deliver nothing short of warm visual displays gravitating towards the surreal. These plasma-cut tracks segue into each other in the most tangible manner summarizing the current state of ambient-electronics. It is for this reason alone that Exit Strategy flourishes so gracefully; each satiny sound is precision crafted yet there remains an undulating terrain from start to end.

The cover artwork, courtesy of Neil Fellows, and album title, is a visual explanation of this contained conundrum of sound. The nebulous underground enclosure and access point may be the exit strategy that Boddy and Sirros aim to fulfill. In the meantime, both artists depict the finest in terms of dithered ambience, frayed layering and a low-dosage of percussive scraping. And in the end listeners may easily be riddled with questions left unanswered.