DiNDDL09 - Memory Geist - Benthos

BenthosDiNDDL09| 2011
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"Benthos" is the second album by Memory Geist, the collaborative project of Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission & Black Cab) and Bakis Sirros (of Parallel Worlds & Interconnected). Their first album "Funereal Cavern" was released in 2007 by the well respected Italian experimental label Musica Maxima Magnetica.

The creation of "Benthos" has been a long process initiated in mid-2007 when Law visited Sirros in his home town of Athens, Greece and the duo recorded some initial material together comprising a variety of soundscapes, sequences, analogue rhythms & organic atmospheres. On his return to Melbourne in Australia, Law sculpted this raw material into a set of 6 tracks which were augmented by further soundscapes, rhythms and arrangement ideas sent across to him by Sirros. The gestation of "Benthos" took 4 years in total and has resulted in the birth of a complex and fascinating ambient electronica album. The pieces range from dark, industrial rhythmic tracks to cosmic style slabs of ambience and showcase the duos use of modular analogue synths alongside computer software manipulation.

The album is also available as a limited run (99 copies) digipak art-edition CD-R from the Hic Sunt Leones label run by ambient maestro Alio Die.

Full track listing:

1. Metaphore (08:13)
2. Mysticeti (05:31)
3. Ocean Memory (10:38)
4. Photophore (09:53)
5. Carcharhinus (10:51)
6. Bathosphere (12:14)

Total Time: 57:21

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Steve Law and Bakis Sirros, between 2007 and 2010 at Wavemountain Studio, Athens, Greece and Solitary Sound, Melbourne, Australia.

Steve Law: various analogue synthesizers & software
Bakis Sirros: modulars, analogue synths, string machines, tape echoes & software