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Ian BoddyIan Boddy Waveforms is a series of downloadable sample libraries from Something Else Music Limited. This company is run by the well respected UK sound designer Ian Boddy who has been producing sample libraries since 1992. His work includes Ambient Volumes 1 & 2, Malice in Wonderland, Morphology, Analogue Sequencer Loops & Outer Limits for Zero-G and Transmission-X for Sample Magic. He has also provided patch & sample content for LinPlug, Camel Audio & Rob Papen Soundware. His musical career actually goes all the way back to 1980. Since then he has released over 30 solo & collaborative CDs, performed over 100 concerts in the UK, Europe & the USA and runs the highly respected ambient music label DiN which has currently released 32 CDs. Furthemore he also composes library music for the UK's largest independent library music company DeWolfe having written 10 such titles for them to date. With such a wealth of musical and sound design experience Boddy has finally decided to release his sample productions independently. These products will be marketed under the "Ian Boddy Waveforms" banner and will comprise a series of tightly focused sample packs that will only be available in download format. This modern form of product distribution enables costs to be kept down and thus customers can purchase the sounds they want at a very reasonable price. Furthermore they can be purchased from some of the most respected on-line sample stores at any time. All the Waveforms libraries are comprised of 350 - 600Mb of 44.1KHz, 24 Bit WAV files. For your convenience Native Instruments Kontakt 2 patches are also provided which are optmized dependant on the audio content of each release.

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