CD Distribution:


Shellshock Distribution - UK shop distribution and export.
C & D Services - mail order.
Synth Music Direct - mail order.
Burning Shed - mail order.

USA / Canada

7d Media - mail order & distribution


Cue Records & EMC - selected high street stores and mail order. International wholesale via EMC.

The Netherlands

Groove Unlimited - selected high street stores and mail order. 

Czech Republic

Horus CyclicDaemon - bookshop, e-shop, distribution, mail order.

Distributors Spain

Diskpol - shop & mail order.


Generator - Shop & mail order / distribution.

Digital Distribution:

Bandcamp (DiN) - FLAC (lossless) + hi-quality MP3 / artwork.
Bandcamp (DiNDDL) - FLAC (Lossless) + hi-quality MP3 / artwork.
- FLAC (lossless) + hi-quality MP3 / artwork.
iTunes - this links to the Ian Boddy titles but all DiN releases are available.
EMusic - subscription based download service. - digital distributor & aggregator for all DiN / Boddy titles.

Ian Boddy Waveforms Distributors:

Time & Space
Producer Loops
Sounds on Demand
Sounds to Sample
Hollow Sun

Web Resources:

Ian Boddy @ Facebook
DiN / Ian Boddy @ Twitter
DiN / Ian Boddy on Sound Cloud
Ian Boddy Vimeo channel
Ian Boddy You Tube channel
Ian Boddy Waveforms - downloadable sample packs designed by Ian Boddy.
DiN @ MySpace
Northern Media Composers - Ian Boddy is a Professional member of this organisation.

Artist's websites

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Robert Rich
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