DiN50 - Various - iNDEX05

iNDEX05DiN50 | 2016 | Limited to 1,000 copies
Release date June 24th 2016

iNDEX05 is the fifth DiN compilation album and includes two tracks each from the titles DiN41 - 49. It also marks the landmark 50th physical release by the well respected DiN label.

DiN49 - Ian Boddy - Tone Science

Tone ScienceDiN49 | 2016 | Limited to 500 copies
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Boddy returns to his analogue roots with his most experimental album to date featuring self generating modular soundscapes.

DiN48 - Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate - World Adapter

World AdapterDiN48 | 2015 | Limited to 500 copies
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World Adapter is redolent with the sounds and textures of modular analogue synthesisers.


DiNDDL17 - ARC - Arclight

ArclightDiNDDL17 | 2015
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Recorded live in concert at the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool on 15th November 2014, this is the sixth live album by ARC.


DiN47 - Dave Bessell - Black Horses Of The Sun

Black HorsesDiN47 | 2015 | Limited to 500 copies
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Dave Bessell is one of the founding members of the band Node & Black Hoses Of The Sun is his second solo release.

DiN46 - Erik Wøllo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Weltenuhr

WeltenuhrDiN46 | 2014 | Limited to 500 copies
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Second collaboration on DiN between Norwegian ambient guitarist Erik Wøllo and German synthesist Bernhard Wöstheinrich.

AW2DA - Ian Boddy - Analogue Workshop Volume 2: Dark Ambient

AW2DAAW2DA | download sample pack 
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Dark Ambient is the second title in the Analogue Workshop series of sample libraries.



DiN45 - ARC - Umbra

UmbraDiN45 | 2014 | Limited to 1,000 copies
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Live recording of the ARC performance at the E-Live festival in Oirschot, the Netherlands on 19th October 2013.

DiNDDL16 - Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo - EC12

EC12DiNDDL16 | 2014
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Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo performing live at the Electronic Circus V Festival in Guetersloh, Germany in the autumn of 2012.


DiN44 - Node - Node 2

Node 2DiN44 | 2014 | First pressing 1,000 copies | V2 pressing unlimited
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Synth supergroup Node return with their first new release since 1995 with their vast arsenal of vintage analogue equipment.